Pandora Box 1 Year Digital license (Whiout box)


Pandora 4.0 Pro Released. Online version and all Unisoc CPU support added.

Now the new version of software can work Online without a box if you have 1-year Digital License.

The box owners’ users can use the same tool standalone.

  • Pandora Online version:
  • - instant delivery (no need box)
  • - need a digital annual License,
  • - Internet required for all operations,
  • - list of supported models/cpu same,
  • - lifetime limited by annual digital License,
  • - assign with HWID of PC or Z3X Card with any activation,
  • - HWID can be changed 4 times per quartal (48 hours before the next change)

  • Pandora BOX version:
  • - box required,
  • - Internet is requered only for some operations,
  • - list of supported models/cpu same,
  • - unlimited lifetime*,
  • - assing with BOX CARD,
  • - can be used on different pc without limitation.

Delivery time: 1-20 Miniutes

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API