Infinity-Box / Dongle [CM2] Software Activation for Infinity [BEST]

Infinity: Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Activation for BEST Dongle (1 Year Support Included)

Now it is possible to activate Chinese Miracle 2 [CM-2] features on your Infinity BEST Dongle Smart-Card.
This means that you can add Chinese Miracle 2 [CM-2]  software onto your Infinity BEST Smart-Card and save a lot of time and money waiting for the delivery of new additional Dongle.

How to buy:
1. During the checkout procedure, provide us with your Infinity S/N
2. Update your Infinity Smart-Card firmware with Dongle Manager
3. Download and run Chinese Miracle 2 [CM-2] software

Note! To use CM2 software with Infinity BEST you should use CM2 software with the next or higher versions:

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