USA US GSM/VZW N61/N56 iPhone Policy (Clean)


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Service to unlock iPhone devices locked to US GSM/VZW N61/56 United States

 • Country: USA
  1.  • This Service Support:
  2.  ⁃ US GSM/VZW N61/N56 Service Policy
  3.  ⁃ US GSM & Verizon iPhone 6/6 Plus Service Policy
  4.  • Supported Models: iPhone All Models (Except 7 / 7 Plus)
     • Blacklist Status: Clean

  5. After successfully unlocking, use these instructions to activate your device:
    1. Insert SIM-card of another carrier
  6. 2. Connect to WI-FI and activate the device
  1. No refund for the following:
  2.  ⁃ Device with Blacklisted status
  3.  ⁃ iPhone 7 / 7+ Not Supported
  4.  ⁃ Wrong IMEI
  5.  ⁃ Wrong Carrier

  6. Note: If device contract is Unpaid or device gets reported Lost/Stolen after unlock, carrier can relock the device, No Refund in this case

  7. Cancellation is not possible if your order is already in process, even if there is a delay
  8. Please do not place an order if you do not accept our terms and conditions.

Delivery time: 1-15 Days

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: IMEI

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API