Samsung KG Bypass - All Models (Sec. Patch Till 01-07-2022)


Best solution to bypass Samsung MDM Leasing (KG Locked device)

Main advantages:
- The device works with the factory user interface unchanged
- Biometrics, Face ID and all built-in functions work as expected
- You save Samsung Pay and all payment apps
- Anti-Relock and Anti-Brick
- Bypass Sim-Lock (if implemented via Knox Guard)
- You can bypass the same device up to 4 times

Place order via IMEI

Device Requirements
A) Warranty Void 0 (Download Mode)
B) KG Status: Locked
C) OEM Status: Locked (L)
D) Official Samsung Firmware (Download Mode)
E) Security Patch Level: No Further than 01-07-2022
F) Rooted-Flashed or Tampered in any way are NOT supported.
G) Follow the instructions provided in the following guide
H) Android 11, 12 (One UI 3.5 and up)
I) Working USB port (Hardware)
J) ESIM is supported but user must remove it from their “Sim Card Manager”
before bypassing. Can re-activate their plan afterwards.
A) PC With Windows 10/11
B) Up to date Browser: Chrome is recommended, Firefox and Edge are
also supported if updated to the latest version.
C) USB C or Micro USB Wire
D) USB Jack Port must be working physically on the device.
E) 5 to 10 minutes of your time.
Before proceeding, please make sure you have closed adb.exe on your PC via
Task Manager to avoid repeating the process.

Official Samsung Drivers you can download those here:

Install Process
1. Wipe your device via Recovery Mode, if you don´t know how to enter Recovery
Mode Please watch this video to understand how to do this, then select Wipe Data
“Factory Reset” and “Wipe cache” After that just select “Reboot System”
2. When the device Boots unplug your USB Wire and tap on any sector of the screen
that does not have a button quickly until you see a QR Scan Window, here just
scan the QR Code provided by your Reseller of Perseus Bypass.
3. Follow the Instructions on your Phone until it displays a message asking you to
plug your usb wire, now you can connect it to your PC safely.
4. Device will display a message “Waiting for Activation” . Go to our website: or and type activate.
Device will display a message “Waiting for Activation”
5. Select Samsung_Android (your phone) from the list on the top left of the browser
and click connect.
6. A message of success will appear on the website, disconnect your USB cable and
finish the setup wizard.
7. When prompted tap “I Agree” on our terms of service and let the device reboot by
8. On first boot unlock the device and it´s free for you to use.

If the error persists during the scan you need to check somethings first on your end
1) Stable Wi-Fi connection can be slow to download but stable.
2) Good USB C Wiring
3) ONLY USE or we DON’T
have more domains for activation of devices.
4) Perform a full wipe or format your device via recovery
5) If this fails, then just
finish the setup wizard and leave Knox restore your damaged
policies. Then perform a hard reset via recovery again.
6) If your device loops during the Install process you either changed IMEI or have a ESIM both must go out and let support know about your situation.


Delivery time: Instant

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: IMEI

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API