LPro AIO Passcode Bypass - CPU A9 iOS 15 iPad 5th (A1822 & A1823)


LPro Boot Disk - CPU A9 Passcode Bypass iOS 14/15 without Jailbreak
Supported iPad 5th (A1822 & A1823)
Supported iOS 14, 15+

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Dawnload LPro Boot Disk

  • Macos from Mojave supported till BigSur
  • High Sierra not supported

  • Backup
  • 1. Boot to DFU Mode
  • 2. Boot Device
  • 3. Backup Activation

  • Factory Data

  • Activation
  • 1. Boot to DFU Mode
  • 2. Boot Device
  • 3. Restore Activation

  • Please note: Save your activation file (Backup) so that later after the reset you can do Bypass again, we do not know how long this Bypass method will work, do not reset your device after Bypass, if after reset you will not be able to do Bypass again through the software, our team is not responsible.

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Service type: Server

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Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API