Apple Case History Check

Apple Case History Check

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Warranty Status: Out Of Warranty
Estimated Purchase Date: 2020-11-15
Replaced Device: No

Case Details
Status: RESOL
Last Modified: 2022-05-12T08:20:15.675Z
Id: 10169899XXXX
Issue Code: ICL0013
Issue Desc: Login issue (iCloud Only)
Component Code: ICL001
Component Desc: iCloud Account
Title: log in to Apple ID issue
Support Topic: log in to Apple ID issue
Status Description: Closed
Status: RESOL
Last Modified: 2022-05-13T10:14:37.072Z
Id: 10169983XXXX
Issue Code: ID05-02
Issue Desc: How to - reset/change password
Component Code: ID05
Component Desc: Forgotten / Change Password
Title: forgoten id password
Support Topic: forgoten id password
Status Description: Closed
Status: RESOL
Last Modified: 2022-05-12T08:01:55.081Z
Id: 10169898XXXX
Issue Code: NTI0302
Issue Desc: Law Enforcement Referral
Component Code: NTI03
Component Desc: Law Enforcement Inquiry or Referral
Title: Referral
Support Topic: Referral
Status Description: Closed

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